• Total Tests 10
  • - 1 Demo Test NCERT
  • - 6 Full Length Tests
  • - 3 Mock Tests
Rs.1999  Rs.349
Validity 2 month
Demo test
1 Test | Start Date: 08 Nov 19, End Date:15 Dec 2019
Full Length Test
6 Test | Start Date: 11 Nov 19, End Date:15 Dec 2019
Mock Test
3 Test | Start Date: 06 Dec 19, End Date:15 Dec 2019

  1. In this Test Series, 10 MCQ-based Tests are available in online mode:
    1. Basic Testing
      1. 1 NCERT-based Test
    2. Advanced Testing (will typically include 60% Static questions, 20% Current Affairs and 20% Previous Year Question (1999-2019))
      1. 4 Subject-wise Full Length Tests - from both state and national GK (including static and current)
      2. 2 Mock Tests (GS) - to test competence in actual exam-like conditions
      3. 1 Mock Tests (CSAT) - to test competence in actual exam-like conditions
      4. 2 Bonus Tests
        1. 1 Full State GK Test - test your State GK knowledge with a full length State GK Test
        2. 1  Current Affairs Test - test your Current Affairs knowledge with a full length Current Affairs Test
  2. Test answer and explanations available after 7 days of the test date in PDF formats.
  3. All Tests (except Mock Tests GS) contains 100 questions and each question has 4 options out of which only one option is correct. In case of Mock Tests (GS), the test will have 150 questions.
  4. The subjects covered revolve around the syllabus of the exam in general and the topics of the test in specific.
  5. All Tests (irrespective of questions) carry equal marks i.e. 200. Each question will have 1/3rd negative marking.
  6. The time available for the test would be 2 hours.
  7. Any discrepancies with the questions could be taken up with via email at testiqeducation@gmail.com
  8. Each test can be taken once only and should the candidate face any issues while taking the test, the admin team will decide if the test will be reissued to the concerned candidate.
  9. Study IQ Education Pvt. Ltd. reserves all rights to change Schedule / Date / Time of any test.  
  10. Try and answer all questions.     

All the best!

Tests will be in both the languages (Hindi & English). Give Demo Tests to get an idea.
All Tests will be in online mode via Website and/or Mobile App.
Once you register yourself for Test Series, all tests will appear in your dashboard along with Test Schedule. All tests will be unlocked according to the prescribed schedule.
Tests will be unlocked at 10 AM on the concerned date.
No. Once Test gets activated, you can give Tests whenever you want.
Rank, Time taken per question, Questions Wise Analysis, Compare yourself with topper and many more. Give Demo Test to get an better idea.
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